Intentions Yoga Group Therapy

In keeping with my belief in the power of body, mind, spirit Intention, I with my positive partner Loraine Turner are offering a unique blend of yoga, meditation and group therapy for people suffering with the challenges of chronic physical and /or emotional pain.

Lorraine and I have trained with the best teacher/mentor(s) in Central Florida and are looking forward to sharing our experience with you. We are combining group therapy for maximizing Intentions, setting Sankalpa’s (positive Intentions),  healing Yoga practices including Hatha,  Yin and Restorative Yoga and Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Breath Practices, aromatherapy and the teaching of Yogi Gurus and Spiritual Texts designed to integrate the mind, body, spirit, decrease pain and open up new pathways of healing.  We have powerful Intentions  to help you transform your struggles into success! We believe that each of us has the power within ourselves to heal and most powerfully face our current life challenges. Let us witness  and assist you in becoming the next best expression of yourself!  We will be honored to be with you on this journey!

We currently offer two (2) Intentions yoga therapy classes:  Monday 5:30 - 7:30 pm and Friday 12-2pm. Sign up is necessary. Our groups are kept small (8 or 9)  so that we can offer individualized attention to maximize your Intentions.  We ask that each participant make a commitment to the group and themselves:  Shared energy is transformative and consistency is key!  Our groups focus on an understanding of yoga therapy, breath work, meditation, guided imagery (Yoga Nidra), aroma therapy,Restorative Yogas, ancient yogic readings and the latest in neuro-cognitive approaches to support your personal goals and assist each person in dealing with the effects of trauma, and chronic emotional/physical pain.  'Conversations for the purpose of healing'  is our mantra.....!

Lorraine and I have been working with clients in these groups for some time now and have found them to be a very powerful, transformative and life changing experience.  We continue to be inspired by the personal work of our clients and are humbled to be able to be part of the journey!  We hope to be able to share in your Intentions soon! 

We provide mats, yoga blankets, blocks and straps and a journal for your use.  The cost for group is 150$ for five 2 two hour sessions.  (30$ for yoga group and 10$ for the Yoga experience). Most insurance companies will pay for the group therapy portion - please check your insurance company for specific details.  The yoga portion of our group experience is separate (but is included in the 150$ charge).

Namaste, Om shanti, shanti shanti.................  

Cindy and Lorraine - positive partners