Addictions Counseling 

I am a Certified Addictions Professional (CAP, 1988) and an Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor (ICADC, 1988). My work experience as the Director of The Freedom House (1984 - 1987) - a long term residential treatment center for women's addictions problems was one of the first of its kind.  I have worked with The DOT, as a Substance Abuse Evaluator (SAP) - and EAP's (Employee Assistance Programs) providing drug and alcohol evaluations. This has led to an extensive knowledge of addictions, it's impact on relationships, families and work settings.  I also have extensive knowledge and experience in finding the most appropriate treatment resources currently available in order to provide Individualized treatment plans specifically designed to meet each client’s needs. 

I also have in-depth understanding and clinical skills for the treatment of many other Addictions - Food, Sex and Pornography, Gambling, Internet, Shopping etc.  

I am a practiced, seasoned Interventionist for families and friends with a loved one suffering from an addictive process.  Often the person who is suffering with an addiction of any kind is emotionally and mentally compromised and will not be able to 'see' how much the disease has impacted their lives (denial).  Getting a loved one to seek help is delicate and difficult.  I have helped many families and friends develop interventions for their loved ones.  These interventions preserve the dignity of the addicted person and support the family/friends through this confrontation. Well planned and thought out Interventions are highly successful in getting the addicted person to treatment.    

Please contact me if you would like more information or to schedule an Intervention.